Lawn Care

Whether as a lawn or playground, whether a work of art in the English style or as a thriving mess – a lawn belongs in every garden. Almost every garden owners dream of doing a dense, green, durable and low-maintenance lawn to even. But rarely has a great green lawn. Despite all the effort that you have invested in the system and the maintenance of the lawn. Neighbor’s lawn is often beautiful.

So you get this neighbor, on whose lawn looked enviously, we give you on the following pages many numerous suggestions and advice on the subject of grass – from creating a new turf on the proper selection of seeds and am down to instructions for annual Lawn Maintenance.
Also how to rid your lawn of weeds, we are happy to tell you. After reading our site you can understand how you come without great effort and time to a permanently beautiful lawn. We’ll show you how to maintain your lawn properly and what to look for when creating your lawn!

On the following pages you will find useful information at the right garden maintenance and application.